Help with uploads

We have noticed, and been notified, that some attempts to upload files are failing or encountering problems. The speed of the upload partially depends on the speed of your internet connection and the size of the files, and thus large files may take a short while to upload. Please allow enough time if you are uploading a large zip file (or a series of large image files) before leaving or closing the page.

The progress of the upload is indicated during the process by a circular progress bar to the left of the file name. You may not see this moving if the transfer is completed quickly. After a successful upload, a green tick should be displayed next to the file name. If the file name you are trying to upload goes red, or a red cross remains next to the file name, something has gone wrong during the upload process. Try uploading the file again, but if this does not work feel free to contact us by e-mail and we will get back to you within a few days.

Hints to a successful upload

  • Sometimes it may be better to zip the images into two or more zip files.
  • It may be worth only dragging and dropping a few files at a time rather than all of them in one go.
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