Help with creating .txt files

If you wish to upload any additional information about the images, please do so in a txt file, since we are unable to accept the uploading of proprietory word processing file types (such as doc, docx, etc.).

You can create a text file very easily from any type of word processing software. If you use 'Word',then you can convert your document to a txt file by following these simple steps

  • On the 'File' menu bar click 'save as' rather than 'save'.
  • In the 'save as' box that opens you should have an option (under the 'file name' box) to pick the type of document format using the 'save as type' box.
  • On the drop down menu choose the 'Plain text (*.txt)' option and it will save your word document as a txt file (i.e. a file with no formatting from Word).
  • Other word processing software will allow you create .txt files using a similar method.

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