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Donating images

We are very grateful for images of any archaeological or historical sites, monuments and/or buildings you are able to donate to the project. We request that you only donate images to which you hold the copyright.

Images can be donated using the browse button to locate the files or by dragging and dropping the files (or zipped folders) into the box below. Once you drag and drop your images, please allow time for them to upload. If you encounter problems uploading files, help can be found here.

We prefer tif (or tiff) files, or raw files in a zip folder, to be uploaded to the server (max size of 128MB), but can also accept 'png', 'jpg', 'jpeg' and 'txt' files or .zip folders. If your files are not listed you can still upload them, but you will have to zip them up first. Further information about files types can be found here. Any files that have a file extension other than those listed will not be uploaded.

It would be help the project if you could provide some details about the images. This may include the name of the site or building, the year the images were taken or anything else you feel relevant. You can send us this either by writing in the comments box (up to a maximum of 1000 characters) or by including this information in a txt file that you upload together with the images. If you are uncertain how to create a txt file, some help can be found here.

We would ask that donors fill in the name and email address boxes below, by overwriting the auto-generated text. You will receive an automatic receipt of donation, which lists the files that have been susccessfully uploaded. It will also allow us to acknowledge donors and to inform you about the progress of the project.

Anonymity: We understand that, for a variety of reasons, some donors may wish or need to remain anonymous. We are commited to maintaining your anonymity if you require this. If this is the case, the name and email address boxes are auto-filled in with an anonymous email address created for the project. You will be able to upload images as normal, but will be anonymous and will not receive any receipt or communcations. Please fill in the comments box or include a txt file with details about the images as long as this does not provide any personal identification information.

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