Copyright and Fair Use Policies

The use of your images within the project does not affect your ownership of the copyright. Your images will not be shown in their original format, unless you explicitly give us permission to use them using the tick box on the donation form. The images donated to us will be used to build composite 3D models. On occasion we may need to show original images, only if permission was granted as above, to help to illustrate the process by which the models were created or for other project based work. In such instances the copyright holder will be acknowledged.

Through the course of the project, only publically available images will be trawled and web-scraped. In all cases copyright permission and avoiding infringement will be fully considered. Trawled images will never be made publically available and will only be used to create the composite 3D models. In order to create 3D models we will remove people from images. All data and images will be anonymised. Security provisions have been made for storing sensitive data during the lifetime of the project and in archive beyond. Completed 3D models will be made available using Creative Commons licensing.

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